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There’s room at the top

Westbury Montréal’s luxurious condos have it all: high-end contemporary design, meticulous attention to detail, stunning views, and much more room for the price than you’d expect. Starting at just $319,900 our 3½, 4½ and 5½ units come with a wide variety of floor plans and can be customized to your specifications, turning your condo into your dream home. It all adds up to the luxurious lifestyle you’ve been looking for.

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Your condo comes with a brand-new neighbourhood

More than just another condo development, Westbury Montréal is nothing less than the creation of a brand-new neighbourhood, complete with office tower, hotel, 40,000 sq. ft. green park and more than ample commercial space to serve all your needs. Strategically located so that you’re close to major highways, the metro, as well as hospitals and schools, it’s a self-contained living concept that has everything that you could want in a neighbourhood.

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Common spaces that are far from common place

With all of the amenities and common areas that come with the purchase your condo, you’ll be amazed at how enjoyable being a resident can be. From the elegant rooftop pool to the terraces that look onto St. Joseph’s oratory, the cutting-edge gym to the private lounge, Westbury Montréal offers a lifestyle that can’t be beat. Not to mention the other little extras like the sun loungers, BBQ and natural gas fireplaces. It’s easy to get accustomed to life at Westbury Montréal.

Common areas

Commercial spaces that serve your lifestyle

Westbury Montréal’s commercial spaces have everything you need to feel right at home. With 2,000 to 20,000 sq. ft. units they can accommodate a wide variety of businesses and services that will transform the neighbourhood into a vibrant, bustling hub, and ensure that all your immediate needs can be met right in the vicinity. With restaurants and cafes that look onto the park to a pharmacy and grocery store, Westbury Montréal’s new neighbourhood has got it all.

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