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This December, you’ve got the power!

Get a free best-use individual electric vehicle charger

Devmont is excited to be the first promoter to offer a new innovative charging technology available to ALL residents of phase 3 and 4. This new Smart Charging Technology SCT will allow each resident to have their own EV charging station in their parking spot, connected to their own electrical panel. This charging station will adjust to the power usage of the resident, so as to never incur higher costs in peak periods.

Condo buyers can choose to have the entire SCT charging station installed, for a cost of $8,000, or simply to do the initial set-up for a future installation, for $2,000, and complete the connection at a later time.

For the launch of this new technology, during the month of December 2019, we are offering the COMPLETE installation free to the first 10 NEW clients who request it. Afterwards, for the rest of December 2019, other buyers can purchase the installation at half-price, $4,000.

*This offer is valid for December 2019 only, to new buyers in phase 3 and 4 only. Details at the sales office. Certain conditions may apply.



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